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roman reigns cousins

You can read everything about Roman Reigns family. First of all, before we move on to the exciting facts about Roman Reigns' family, we have to tell you a little about him and his fruitful career. At first, he used to be a footballer, but after failing to start his career on a professional level, he quit this sport and went back to wrestling.

This occupation has been running in his veins, as he came from a family of wrestlers.

roman reigns cousins

He won a few prestigious titles in a couple of years. Despite that, Roman Reigns is one of the controversial figures in professional wrestling — some fans are convinced that he is a legend, while some think that there are better wrestlers than him. No matter what, Roman Reigns has worked his way up to the top, and is not planning to stop anytime soon. Roman Reigns was born on May 25th, His place of birth is Pensacola, Florida.

Roman Reigns’ Cousin At WWE Tryouts

The sports star has a lot of cousins, who are deeply involved in wrestling. Roman Reigns also has a lot of other cousins, among which there are professional wrestlers. Speaking of Umaga, he was often on the tag team with the late brother of Roman Reigns, Rosey. They were a good team together until Umaga left the WWE in These are not all the surprises we have in store for those who are willing to know about Roman Reigns cousins.

However, the two are related non-biologically. The father of Dwayne, "The Rock" Johnson, was also a professional wrestler, and he trained his son. She used to be an athlete in college, just like her husband.

At the time, he was a footballer and played for the local football team. The two started as friends, bonding over their sports passion. Later they discovered that they fell in love with each other, and since then they could not be separated.

Their engagement took place on February 26th, Two years later, inthey got married. Galina is American, she grew up in San Francisco with her parents and two older sisters. She had an athletic spirit running in her blood.Before telling you the interesting and amazing facts and Family about the Roman Reigns, first, we have to tell you about the Roman reigns and his carrier. Now the age of Roman reigns is The most interesting thing about this superstar is that he is also a football player.

He played for the team named Georgia Tech Yellowjackets in the year of But in the yearhe started wrestling and joined the WWE, after joining the WWE he became famous in wrestling and won the respected titles in just a few years, and one of them is Roman Reigns. Most of the fans think that he is the best in the wrestling, no one can beat him, but on the other side, some wrestling fans believe that too many wrestlers are better than him, but the thing is that Roman reigns have worked very hard in the wrestling carrier.

If we talk about the Roman Reigns Cousins, then he has too many cousins, and most of his cousins are a wrestler, but Roman Reigns is related to the famous twin brothers named as Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Both brothers are a wrestler and won the championship three times, and the other cousins named are Yokozuna, Rikishi, Tonga Kid and Umaga. When Roman Reigns was a student at the Georgia Tech University, he met with the Galina, and at that time Roman Reign was a good football player and played football for the local team of the University.

Because of sports passion, both were started a friendship, and later they know that they loved each other. If we talk about his wife Galina Joelle Becker, she is an American girl from the San Francisco, Galina grew up with her two old sisters and her parents. At the time of school, she became a jumper and best hurdler and made too many impressive athletic records. She was born in the year ofDecember 14th, at the time of the Roman Reign wedding she was involved. But now the latest news is Roman Reigns again become a father, and at this time he has two little twin boys, Roman Reigns wants to keep it secret, but now after some leaks, Roman Reigns confirmed that he is also a father of twin boys.

Both twin boys were born in the year of The main thing is that Roman Reigns also a good husband and father with the wrestler. Roman Reigns covered his right chest, and right arm with the Polynesian style tattoo and this tattoo has the broad meaning and symbolism. The most important thing about his tattoo is that this tattoo has the turtle image and Roman Ranges dedicated this image to his daughter and he got this tattoo from the famous tattoo artist Michael Fatutoa aka Samoan Mike.

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roman reigns cousins

Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Roman Empire. Wiki User Yes he is he is related to the usos and the usos are related to the rock so they r cousins. Yes, Roman Reigns is married. Asked in Roman Empire Does roman reigns have a girlfriend? It is not clear what you mean by Roman reigns or what it is meant to be. Roman Reigns married in December of Roman Reigns is related to the Anoa'i family.

Asked in Wrestling Is roman reigns going out with big e Langston? Yes, he has a daughter. Yes, Roman Reigns and The Rock are real life cousins. Asked in Ancient Rome Is roman reigns single? Your question does not make sense. Yes, they are cousins. The spear and the superman punch. Because he retired the undertaker! He isn't married but does have a fiance and a daughter. When the doctor medically releases him to.

No, that is just rumors you read on the internet. Roman Reigns by eliminating Rusev. Trending Questions.The trio teamed together until Juneafter which Reigns entered singles competition. He tied the WWE record for most eliminations in a Survivor Series match with four in the event and also previously held the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match with 12 in the event.

Additionally, Reigns was ranked number one in Pro Wrestling Illustrated ' s annual PWI list of the top singles wrestlers in SinceWWE has attempted to establish Reigns as their next "face of the company", which has been met with audience disapproval. He was diagnosed with leukemia after his team physical and was released later that month.

Roman Reigns made his main roster television debut as on November 18, at the Survivor Series pay-per-view event alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, assaulting Ryback during the triple threat main event for the WWE Championshipallowing CM Punk to retain the title, thus establishing themselves as villains. The Shield then indistinctly ended their association with Punk while beginning a feud with John CenaRyback and Sheamus that directed to a six-man tag match on February 17 at Elimination Chamberwhich The Shield won.

In March, The Shield came out to seemingly attack Jerry Lawler, only to attack Kane instead, turning all three men face in the process.

Following Rollins's betrayal, Reigns would briefly continue teaming with Ambrose, [70] before embarking on a singles run and being quickly placed into world title contention. The next month, a singles match was set up between Reigns and Rollins for Night of Champions on September 21, but Reigns developed a legitimate incarcerated hernia which required surgery prior to the event.

As a result of Reigns being unable to compete, Rollins was declared the winner via forfeit. After his victory, Reigns was jeered heavily by the crowd, despite portraying a heroic character.

After the match, he attacked Triple H in anger. The next night on RawVince McMahon granted Reigns a title rematch against Sheamus, under the stipulation that if Reigns lost, he would be forced to retire. At Money in the Bank on June 19, Reigns was defeated by Rollins, marking his first clean loss on the main roster and ending his title reign at 77 days. This led to a no disqualification rematch with Owens at the Royal Rumble on January 29 that saw Jericho being suspended above the ring in a shark cage[] where Reigns lost after Braun Strowman interfered.

The feud between the two was put on hold after Strowman legitimately injured his elbow. He was replaced by Kurt Angle. Reigns competed in the Royal Rumble match on January 28, but was the last participant eliminated by eventual winner Shinsuke Nakamura. After defeating Samoa Joe at Backlash [] and Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank[] Reigns then entered a feud with Bobby Lashleywhere both men believed that they were the rightful challenger to Lesnar's championship.

This set up a match at Extreme Ruleswhere Lashley was victorious.Roman Reigns family, a legacy of wrestlers. They are blood brothers.

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Ata Mavia married Rocky Johnson, who is a well-known wrestler of his time. It is said that The Rock and Roman Reigns are cousins but the truth is they are not directly connected. Subsequently, he took part in various wrestling promotions like World Xtreme Wrestling, World Wrestling Council and many others. Inhe teamed with Hurricane and appeared in RAW doing some heroic activities.

Even he used to appear in RAW with superhero costume. On the 17th of April, he passed away due to heart failure. Fighting under the various ring names Ekmo, Jamal, Umaga, he proved himself to the world that he is one of the best Samoan wrestlers. Born on March 28,Edward is the youngest among three brothers. They also attacked two lesbians.

Later they feuded with Billy and Chuck, subsequently defeating them in Unforgiven.

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Cena retained his title by defeating Umaga. But before losing this match Umaga had fought over 30 matches in and won almost all of them. He never got pinned or submitted himself in any match. If got defeat, either by disqualification or double count-out. But he wrestled in various wrestling promotions such as World Xtreme Wrestling, Nu-Wrestling Evolution, and many others. Despite belonging to the legendary Samoan wrestler family, he always represented himself as a Japanese sumo wrestler in every field of wrestling.

He continued wrestling in a Japanese sumo style and always made an entry in the ring with a Japanese flag. After wrestling in Japan, Rodney joined American Wrestling Association and wrestled there for 8 years.

Later he joined WWF in He always fought for the big titles, which symbolizes his popularity in WWF. Fatu Jr. Rikishi in He is the most beloved and well-known wrestler among youngsters. Fans loved his hip hop dance which he does on and off the fight and especially the stink face finisher move where he rubs the face of his opponents between his buttocks.

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So in this article, we will draw your attention to the cousins of Roman Reigns. Edward Fatu Fighting under the various ring names Ekmo, Jamal, Umaga, he proved himself to the world that he is one of the best Samoan wrestlers. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.In World Wrestling Entertainment today, there are very few people who are easily more recognizable than Roman Reigns.

The wrestler, who also has a career as an actor, is a four-time WWE world champion.

Roman Reigns family: wife, daughter and cousins

He comes from a long line of wrestlers, four generations with a total of nineteen wrestlers both dead and alive to be exact, who have ruled the ring over the years. Before embarking on a wrestling career, however, Reigns had a brief run with pro football.

Reigns took a keen interest in football at an early age and even considered a career in it professionally. Having played the sport in high school and college, he was eager to continue playing it and as things would pan out, he got signed by the Minnesota Vikings in He spent a few months there before joining the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Inthe Edmonton Eskimos of Canada signed him and he played with them for one full season. His pro career run was, however, short-lived and so he retired after playing with the Eskimos to launch a career in the family profession of wrestling.

The transition into wrestling was a fairly easy one for Reigns as his older brother was already established in the business. Inhe signed a deal with WWE and became a part of its developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling which allowed him to develop his skills and gain ring experience in smaller competitions. Roman Reigns lost his debut match and a few others before finally claiming one victory in a singles match. He continued to compete at the Florida Championship Wrestling event before making his television wrestling debut in November alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

The Trio came to be called The Shield, and Reigns was suddenly thrust into popularity. The pair met and began dating in Georgia Tech where she studied Management. Before exchanging marital vows, the couple already had a daughter named Joelle, born on the 14th of December, Inthey welcomed twin boys. Galina Becker, who is a fitness model, was born in Jacksonville Florida on the 11th of March Becker had always been interested in sports and throughout her high school and college days, she participated in track and field events.

In addition to that, she also played volleyball in high school. After graduating college, she began to make appearances on television and magazines as a fitness model. She also occasionally models for sponsored photo shoots. He married Mandy Vandeberg in and they had three children together before divorcing in The four-time WWE World Champion was able to amass his wealth through the salary he earns from his wrestling career, as well as through other endorsement deals.

In addition to that, the Florida native has made some money from the appearances he has made on several films and web series. Answers Africa. Who is Cory Booker? Here Are Facts.Inthey became SmackDown Tag Team Champions on three different occasions, with number four coming in That night, the trio cut a promostating that they were looking for respect for their families. They were interrupted and attacked by The Hart Dynasty, who were seeking revenge for the surprise attack the previous week. They performed this entrance until they turned heel in On the June 3 episode of RawThe Usos began to use face paint similar to their deceased uncle Eddie Fatualso known as Umaga, as a means of further highlighting their Samoan culture.

At Money in the Bank The Usos challenged Rollins and Reigns for the titles, but were unsuccessful and participated in a Triple threat tag team match against the team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust and The Shield at the Hell in a Cell pay per view, which they failed to win. They received a tag title shot at the Elimination Chamber PPV against the Outlaws but were once again unsuccessful, but they won the titles on the March 3 episode of Raw.

The Usos then dropped the titles to Goldust and Stardust at Night of Championsending their reign at days. However, they lost the titles at Fastlane against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. At the March 9 SmackDown tapings, Jey Uso suffered a serious shoulder injury, the extent of which was unknown.

On the WrestleMania 31 pre-show, they competed in the fatal-four-way tag team match; however, Jey re-injured his shoulder at the hands of Cesaro. In April, Jey Uso suffered an anterior shoulder dislocation on the left arm and would be out for about six months, putting their team on hiatus. Jimmy performed commentary while Jey was out with the injury.

On the November 30 episode of RawThe Usos competed in a tag team 1 contenders match against The Lucha Dragonswhich ended in a double disqualification when The New Day attacked both teams. Following the match, they were attacked by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. On the September 6 episode of SmackDownThe Usos turned heel for the first time since when they attacked American Alpha after losing to them in 28 seconds in the semi-finals.

The Usos faced the new champions at No Mercywhere they were defeated again. As part of their heel turn, they began a street-like, thuggish gimmick. On the April 12 episode of SmackDown LiveThe Usos were successful in their first title defense by defeating American Alpha in a rematch, ending the feud. At Royal RumbleThe Usos defended the title against Gable and Benjamin in a 2 out of 3 falls match, winning to retain the title.

They would renew their rivalry with the New Day, culminating in a title match at Fastlanewhich would end in a no-contest due to interference from the Bludgeon Brothers. Following the loss, the Usos began failing to earn numerous title opportunities, including a tag team match against a returning Team Hell No Daniel Bryan and Kane on the July 3 episode of SmackDown and losing in the first round of a number one contender's tournament to The Bar Cesaro and Sheamus on the July 31 episode of SmackDown.

After months of treading in the division, the Usos began to build momentum, starting with Survivor Serieswhere they, as Team SmackDown's captains, emerged from the on Survivor Series match as the sole survivors, giving SmackDown their only win over Raw.

As punishment for forfeiting a tag team gauntlet match against the New Day, they were scheduled to defend the titles against The Bar, Aleister Black and Ricochetand Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev in a Fatal 4-Way at WrestleMania 35where they would retain.

At Money in the Bankthey defeated Bryan and Rowan in a non-title rematch. Following Jimmy's arrest for DUI, the duo would be off television indefinitely.

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The pair starred in the first episode of Outside the Ringwhere they cooked a traditional Samoan barbecue. Jimmy is regularly featured in the reality television series Total Divas due to his marriage with Total Divas star Naomi. Jey has also made brief appearances. They often performed the Samoan haka or Siva Tau as fan favourites before a match. Their stage name " uso " means "brother" in the Samoan language.

Roman Reigns' Wife Expecting Twins... Again!

They are the sons of Solofa Fatu Rikishi. They continued their football careers at the University of West Alabama where they both played linebacker. Jimmy played one season while Jey played from — She is also the stepmother of Jimmy's two children, Jayla and Jaidan.

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